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Keaton & Lloyd is proud to partner with many fine writers from the Mohawk Valley. However, we have limited resources and also need to ensure that the contents of the Local Interest section fit our values. If you are interested in having your work carried in our Shop, please review the following guidelines. We will not stock:​

  • Books published using the Create Space (Amazon) platform

  • Children's books (soft or hardcover) which retail for over $15

  • Books which overall do not appear professional or which have noticeable grammatical errors

  • Items which are not bound; no stapling or spiral binding 

  • Books on consignment

  • Books of a xenophobic, homophobic, or otherwise unethical nature

  • Series which consist of more than three volumes (unless they can be read in any order)

  • Books by writers who reside anywhere outside of Oneida, Herkimer, Madison, Oswego, or Lewis Counties (we do not consider the Syracuse area to be local!).

  • Books which offer minimal discounts to us as resellers (we would expect at least 40% off list price).

If you fit our criteria, please send us an email with information on how your book(s) can be acquired. We will purchase a maximum of three copies and will consider reordering if the item proves popular.  

Please note that we strongly prefer books which can be ordered through the Ingram platform.

Thank you for your interest!

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