The Keaton & Lloyd Bookshop Crew


Julie Whittemore


Bookish cinephile Julie founded Keaton & Lloyd Bookshop in 2021. She earned a BA in Spanish and sociology from Utica College, along with an MA in nonprofit development from LSU Shreveport. Someday she might even finish that pesky PhD in leadership studies from the University of the Cumberlands.

Julie is a native Roman and has long worked on the block as the Popcorn Goddess of the Capitol Arts Complex. When not pulling her hair out trying to manage 50 things at once, Julie enjoys travelling to exotic places across the globe, a good Agatha Christie whodunit, and creating fabulous custom sidelines (the Beau Hunks Foot Massage Oil? Totally her idea).

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Alyzza Viros

“Dukesa ng mga aklat” (Duchess of Books)

A Filipina-American born and raised in Rome, Alyzza loves anime, flowers, video games, and food.

She’s your bookshop artist and assistant, excited to learn just about anything and everything! Alyzza adores her local visitors who become her friends of the Shop and is excited for new people to come to Keaton & Lloyd.

She also runs Coven Amongst the Stars, her own art group established 2022, with her close friends.


Carl LaFong


A former resident of 1726 Pearl Avenue and the Rome Humane Society, Carl LaFong (capital "l," small "a," capital "f," small "o," small "n," small "g") joined Keaton & Lloyd in April of 2022. He is a railroad man and he leaves home very early in the morning. He is interested in an annuity policy. Some say he is a chump.