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Where does your name come from?

We're named after the legendary film comedians Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd. Naming our shop Keaton & Lloyd allowed us to merge our passions for film history and literature.

Do you really have kitties?

Yes! Carl LaFong and Hoagy Catmichael are talented bookshop greeters. They are hams and would relish your attention.

What should I do if I have objections to something you have?

Keaton & Lloyd does not consider requests to ban books or aspects of our décor under any circumstances. Requests for us to alter our stock and image based upon personal beliefs (progressive or conservative) is censorship.

Do you have a café?

No, we don't serve food or drink. However, there are wonderful restaurants in Downtown Rome, many of which are within walking distance. Feel free to bring beverages into the Shop.

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely! You can purchase e-gift cards online or visit us for a physical card. If you like, we can even mail a gift card to your loved one - no extra charge. 

What is your return policy?

All sales are final.

Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes! We offer a $10 credit for every $100 you spend. You can sign up anytime you checkout. All it takes is a phone number.

Do you do consignment?

No. 100 percent of our stock is owned by Keaton & Lloyd. We do not partner with other stores or vendors.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We use the Square POS system and accept cash, all major credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and check.

I am an author. Will you stock my product?

Please see the "Local Author Inquiries" page for guidelines. These should help you determine if your book(s) would be a good fit for Keaton & Lloyd.

I represent a charity. May I request a donation?

We generally fulfill small donation requests for like-minded, registered charities in Central New York. Please contact us directly.

How big is your stock?

We have approximately 10,000 titles at this time.

Where do I park?

Street parking is usually abundant. There are also several public parking lots in the area, including two accessible by the Erie Blvd access street, one located directly behind the Shop accessible from N. George Street, and one at Social Services on the 300-block of W. Dominick Street. If you park behind the Shop, you may find it convenient to enter through the back door.

What's your pricing structure?

We typically charge list price. Tax will be added at check-out.

Can you provide recommendations?

We'll do our best! Just let us know what you enjoy and we'll provide our best recommendation for your next read.

I have used books I'd like to sell or donate. Are you interested?

No. We will not buy, or accept donations of, used books. We will not take them even if they are in pristine condition. We do not sell used books.

You say you are a Jewish business. What exactly does that mean?

We are happy to be a resource for CNY's Jewish community. While some religious items are available in many stores, the selection is not great. Representation matters, and it is a big deal for many Jews to walk into a shop and find something like a Happy Purim greeting card. 

Our Shop also looks the part in some ways. You'll find pieces of Judaica here and there. We decorate for Chanukah, have a Tzedakah Box (charity collection) that benefits the Capitol Arts Complex, and have a mezuzah for our door. All of these things help to make the place feel like home to us!

I'm looking for something you don't have in stock. Can you order it for me?

Most definitely! Feel free to inquire at the desk or shoot us a message/email with the title you'd like. We will notify you by your preferred communication method (phone call, text, or email) when your order arrives. ​ Special orders must be paid for at the time of ordering.


-There’s no extra charge for orders which are picked up during business hours. However, those shipped directly to you will incur a $3.50 shipping fee. Pick-up orders will be reserved at the desk for two weeks. After this, the item may be placed in circulation.

Another option is to purchase a book online at

Do you offer gift wrapping services?

Experience has manifested that gift wrapping is not our strong point. Trust us, it's for the best that we do not offer wrapping.

Do you sell used books?

No, we are a retailer of new books only. We cannot help to source used materials.

Wasn't there a bookstore at 236 W. Dominick Street in the past? Dé·jà vu!

Actually no. The bookshop which many Romans remember was located right next door. Close but no cigar!

Where do you get all of your books and bookish goods from?

We work with a variety of major and independent publishers. We also enjoy purchasing hand-crafted items, like bookmarks and mugs, from talented artisans across the country.

I thought bookstores were all closing, so why go into business? Do people actually read anymore?

There is a myth that people are not interested in reading books. It is a very unfortunate myth. Whether it's a hardcopy, audiobook, or e-book, we've found that there is a great demand for literature.

Do you have a restroom?

Yes, restrooms are available.

Can I bring my dog?

Small dogs are fine. However, Carl LaFong has had very bad reactions to larger dogs and we ask that, unless they certified service animals, they be left in your car.

Do you really offer notary services?

Yes! As a service to the community, we are happy to notarize documents. The service is free. We just ask that you give us a call to make sure a notary is available and that you bring a state-issued ID.

I am looking for a specific book. Do you have an online search option so I can see if you have it?

No, we do not have a digital search option. Keaton & Lloyd is the sort of place that has unique items and you never know what you will find! We highly recommend coming by and browsing in-person so you can find something unexpected.

Can you help me find a rare/out-of-print book?

We do not have expertise in this area. However, if you're looking for items that are used or rare, we highly recommend Berry Hill Book Shop in Deansboro.

Do you mostly carry paperback or hardcover books?

If given a choice, we will almost always choose to stock trade paperback books. It is more economical for both us and our patrons.

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