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FYI, Keaton & Lloyd does not have a digitized listing of stock available.
If you're wondering if we have something specific, feel free to FB message or call. We'd love to hear from you!

The beautiful thing about being an independent bookshop is that it's, well, independent! We don't rely on algorithms and bestseller lists to make our stocking decisions (ironically, if we did, we'd be a very unsuccessful business). Rather, we opt to carry what we've found our community desires, showcase what we love ourselves, and do our best to offer representation to minority groups and the Jewish community of CNY.

Love James Patterson, Danielle Steele, and other uber popular authors of today? That's too bad. We don't have them. What you will find is an unique array of classics, Golden Age detective fiction, and travel writing. We showcase many of the incredible writers based right here in the Mohawk Valley, as well as a sizable assortment of local and Upstate New York history. Meanwhile, we offer a constantly-growing selection of nonfiction books designed to open-minds and foster change.

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